Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thinking Happy Thoughts.

So here is an update on the moving situation.  I'm sooooo sick of all of these WALLS we keep hitting.  It makes me want to SCREEEAAAMMMM!!!!  Okay I'm good now....  Anyway.  So we actually found an amazing little brick house that was foreclosed on and we LOVED it!! There was only a few minor details that needed a little work and it wasn't in the school district I was hoping for, but still it's a smaller school district so I'm just fine with it, it was WORTH it.  My favorite part of the whole house was the kitchen, it was adorable!! The cabinets were WHITE!!, I know that's silly but I've always liked white cabinets, I'm not that crazy about the wood look, only on floors. :)  Anyway, we were approved! We signed a contract, and now we are waiting.... there's been a few weird things... like our realtor is a bit scatterbrained and wants to bit chattery and gossipy and I just want to be like STOPPP!! JUST DO YOUR JOB!! ....but I'm not like that sooo I listen to her.  Plus I don't know anything about foreclosed houses and I know that there's other things you have to go through before getting it but so far it seems ridiculous.  I'm not going to stop until we get this DANG house... we've been looking and trying to get something for a month now, maybe even more than a month and it's starting to really irritate me.  I'm getting to the point where I just want to MOVE!  I have things I can easily do around the house first though so I'm trying to look at the positive side of waiting on these silly things as time to really organize and sort through each room, but I would much rather have the motivation of... YES WE DO OWN A HOUSE AND WE CAN MOVE IN IMMEDIATELY... but I guess I will have to be patient.  Blurg.  I'm just sick of getting my hopes up...once again to have them crushed by something silly.  Sooooo irritating.
Hopefully very very soon I can say we have a house!!....I hope.  Ugg.... :/

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  1. If the house has been foreclosed on, it can sometimes take months for the bank to get off of their rear-ends and move on the paperwork. Unfortunately, too many people get tired of playing the waiting game, and move on to another home. If you want this house, don't give up. It's just hard when you're not dealing with actual people on the other side of the purchase.