Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frustrated with Life.... sometimes.

Trying my best to stay positive, but lately it seems like we can't catch a break for nothing....
We are trying to move... and it seems like everything is against us right now.  We looked into renting, we found on house we loved but found out it was already being rented.  Then we found another place to rent, but it smelled like smoke and a lot of things were REALLY messed up in it.  So we thought, lets go ahead and look at some trailers, because my mom and dad said we could live on their land if we ever wanted to... so that's what we thought we could do.  Well we found one, got our credit ran... had to look at a little bit cheaper ones which wasn't any surprise. Then we thought that it was silly spending a lot of money for a single wide trailer, so we thought of looking else where to find our best options.  We found one we LOVED... I felt sooooo at home in it.  It was a double wide, cheaper by almost 20,000 and it was used (you couldn't tell it all all!), so we thought ohhh yes this one is it.  We were DENIED! It was really shocking and I got my hopes up... And this past weekend we looked at new ones and we were fine with the one we looked at, but there's no way we can pay the down payment. Soooo we thought lets see about that house for rent again. Yep... It's being rented. Haha! Luck is not on our side at all right now. :( But things happen for a reason, so hopefully we are just waiting for that perfect house to pop out! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is me!

I thought I should put show an actual picture of myself instead of the cartoon version.
I swear my hair is not really this short, I just have it put up, which is what I've been doing a lot lately.  I can't stand it down on my face, especially while my face is incredibly irritated as of the moment.  Anywayyy... it really is naturally red and recently I put blond highlights in it that I love.  Sometime when I have it down and fixed I will take a much better picture of myself.  Sooo I think since I titled this post "This is Me", I should probably tell you should random things about myself.

1. I secretly would love to become a music teacher. (I honestly can't sing all that great... it's a little scary I'm pretty sure!!) I would love to pick out music for kids to sing at concerts and pick out the play that they put on and ....... sigh... that would be soooo much fun. I loveee anything pretty much about music.  I use to play the piano and flute.  I can still play the piano some, just wish I would have stayed with it a bit more so by now I would have totally been a pro! :)  Also it's one of my dreams to learned to play the guitar and violin.  I don't know why, I've just always been intrigued by them.  I've been wanting some sort of music note or symbols of some sort as my next tattoo on my other wrist.  I also have a wide range of genres that I love to listen to as well. 

2.    My favorite shows right now, even though I usually end up missing half of them because of school would have to be.... drum roll please...  The voice (music love)...Smash (music/Broadway love)... Whitney (because she's just hilarious)... andddd...Once upon a time (which is probably my favorite out of all of them... loveeee it!!!)

3.  Sadly I don't cook that much, but when I do watch out!! Hahaha! Really I do mean watch out, I'm the messiest person on the planet, there will be ingredients more than likely in my hair on my face... somewhere off the wall.  I'm just a mess when I cook!  I experiment a lot with new recipes so it's either a totally yum fest or...just an epic fail.  My husband is honestly a million times better at cooking then I am.  I think it's because he has a bit of perfectionist-like tendencies and he tries and makes things just right.  However, I am all over the place, and a huge mess comes out of every meal whether it's good or bad. 

4.  I have my future children's names pretty much already picked out and they are awesome!  Am I going to tell you....  are you kidding me?? So that someone can totally steal it?? Yeah Right! hahaa! I would love to tell you, but I seriously have never heard these names before and I love both of them so I'm going to be totally selfish and keep them for myself even if it is another 5 years before I have my next kid! :)  My husband and I are pretty much settled on the next boys name, but he has his own crazy girl name and I have mine! So I guess if it's twins we can name both of them.  I know I'm a odd duck.

  I've got plenty of random things I could spit out at anytime, so I think I will let that be it for now.  I will let you know more wacky weird things later.  Until next time.... Cheerio!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tasty Treats!

I am constantly on the lookout for new kinds of foods and drinks I haven't tried, especially anything healthy.  I've been trying really hard to read labels and go with more all natural ingredients, but sometimes I just want to try something new.  Today I found two new things that I got really excited about.

This new tasty Starbucks energy drink!!
I know it's not all natural or anything but it's really good!! :)
plus it was low in calories.

And these are all natural!! And so so soooo very good!  I could probably make myself sick on these!

Everyday Inspirations.

 This lady right here.  She is awesome. 
She's my sister.
She's raised three amazing girls, been teaching for 6 years, coaches cheerleading and dance, puts up with my brother in law (hahaha), and still has time to workout and look amazing.  She's definitely an inspiration.  I don't know how she does it all.  She's 8 years older than me, but you can't tell, most of the time people think I'm the older one because I'm the fat one. haha.  Anyway she's one of the reasons I wanted to be a teacher, I would love to be able to teach right down the hall from her eventually.  I like getting point of views and ideas from her. 

This is her beautiful family!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hi everyone.  My name is Laura and I'm the author of Strawberry Lou.  I hope to make this blog more about me and what's going on in my life vs my last blog where honestly I was all over the place... so I started something new.  So I thank anyone for taking the time to read my crazy little blog.

First, I decided I wanted a fun little name for my blog that rolled of the tounge and was super cute and catchy.  Usually this would have been a very long process, but luckily I had my creative mojo flowing today!  This may sound super strange but one of my ex-boyfriend's parents gave me the nickname "Strawberry" because of my red hair.  It stuck with me, it wasn't the typical "Red" nickname I usually got.  I also had the nickname Laura Lou forever!!  So there you have it... Strawberry Lou.  It just feels right. :)

Next I shall tell you a brief little something about myself.  I'm 27 years old.  I'm married to my best friend (yes this is so cheesy but sooo true).  This year will be our 6th year anniversary.  Crazy.  We meshhhh very well together, get mad at the same stupid stuff that other people do, get excited for silly little things, love mexican food, and a gazillion other things that I should probably just use as another blog post one day or I will go on and on. Anyway long story short, we are very right for each other and I can't imagine my life without that crazy goofball!! 

We have a 5 year old son, Jett.  That is a crazy little goofball too.  This kid just amazes me each day with how witty and funny he is.  He has such an imagination too.  Sometimes I just sit and continue the craziest conversations with him.  It's hilarious!  Some days I wish I didn't have work or school and I could just stay home with him, play, read, draw, make forts, run around outside, and just be with him all the time!!  I hate missing anytime with him, especially right now because in only a few short months he will be going to Kindergarten and I won't see him as much.  Yes, I will probably be one of those mothers that bawls on their kid's first day of school.  He's my one and only right now.  He's my whole world.  Love my little man.

I've also been going to school pretty much forever... I mean technically this would be my 6th year in college... ugggg.  I have a year left.  ONE YEAR.  Holy Moly!  I'm going to get my degree in Elementary Education.  It's in my blood, I just feel comfortable there and I know that's what I'm suppose to do.  I've subbed for almost 2 years and this past year I started working as a preschool/daycare teacher at a new preschool in town that has some amazing ladies working there and the cutest and most lovable kiddos.  I feel very blessed to be able to work there!!  Next spring, I start student teaching.... EKKK! Wish me luck on my up and coming new adventures!

Another big adventure we are about to take is.... MOVING!  My family and I are moving on my parents 18 acres.  It's beautiful, it's out in the country, woods, fields, trees, fresh air, neighbors that don't live right next to you.  Hahaha! Seriously I'm soooooo happy about this.  Right now we are just waiting to see what we can do as far purchasing homes, modular homes, trailers...what not.  We found a really nice used trailer that we both fell in love with!  It has a living room, kitchen w/ bar, family room w/ fireplace!!! , 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one of which is a huge master bathroom) , utility room... it's just sooooo perfect.   But.... right now we are playing the waiting game.  We filled out credit apps for a home loan, now we are waiting to hear something back from them.  Uggg.  I hate this, I get worked up when I have to wait.  Anyway.... so I'm really hoping we get this place because I can seriously picture us in it...and I have plans for painting and what I'd like to do with everything... hopefully I can post some super awesome good news pretty soon!!! :)

So for right now, that will be the end of my post.  Ta ta!! :)