Friday, March 23, 2012

This is me!

I thought I should put show an actual picture of myself instead of the cartoon version.
I swear my hair is not really this short, I just have it put up, which is what I've been doing a lot lately.  I can't stand it down on my face, especially while my face is incredibly irritated as of the moment.  Anywayyy... it really is naturally red and recently I put blond highlights in it that I love.  Sometime when I have it down and fixed I will take a much better picture of myself.  Sooo I think since I titled this post "This is Me", I should probably tell you should random things about myself.

1. I secretly would love to become a music teacher. (I honestly can't sing all that great... it's a little scary I'm pretty sure!!) I would love to pick out music for kids to sing at concerts and pick out the play that they put on and ....... sigh... that would be soooo much fun. I loveee anything pretty much about music.  I use to play the piano and flute.  I can still play the piano some, just wish I would have stayed with it a bit more so by now I would have totally been a pro! :)  Also it's one of my dreams to learned to play the guitar and violin.  I don't know why, I've just always been intrigued by them.  I've been wanting some sort of music note or symbols of some sort as my next tattoo on my other wrist.  I also have a wide range of genres that I love to listen to as well. 

2.    My favorite shows right now, even though I usually end up missing half of them because of school would have to be.... drum roll please...  The voice (music love)...Smash (music/Broadway love)... Whitney (because she's just hilarious)... andddd...Once upon a time (which is probably my favorite out of all of them... loveeee it!!!)

3.  Sadly I don't cook that much, but when I do watch out!! Hahaha! Really I do mean watch out, I'm the messiest person on the planet, there will be ingredients more than likely in my hair on my face... somewhere off the wall.  I'm just a mess when I cook!  I experiment a lot with new recipes so it's either a totally yum fest or...just an epic fail.  My husband is honestly a million times better at cooking then I am.  I think it's because he has a bit of perfectionist-like tendencies and he tries and makes things just right.  However, I am all over the place, and a huge mess comes out of every meal whether it's good or bad. 

4.  I have my future children's names pretty much already picked out and they are awesome!  Am I going to tell you....  are you kidding me?? So that someone can totally steal it?? Yeah Right! hahaa! I would love to tell you, but I seriously have never heard these names before and I love both of them so I'm going to be totally selfish and keep them for myself even if it is another 5 years before I have my next kid! :)  My husband and I are pretty much settled on the next boys name, but he has his own crazy girl name and I have mine! So I guess if it's twins we can name both of them.  I know I'm a odd duck.

  I've got plenty of random things I could spit out at anytime, so I think I will let that be it for now.  I will let you know more wacky weird things later.  Until next time.... Cheerio!

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