Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frustrated with Life.... sometimes.

Trying my best to stay positive, but lately it seems like we can't catch a break for nothing....
We are trying to move... and it seems like everything is against us right now.  We looked into renting, we found on house we loved but found out it was already being rented.  Then we found another place to rent, but it smelled like smoke and a lot of things were REALLY messed up in it.  So we thought, lets go ahead and look at some trailers, because my mom and dad said we could live on their land if we ever wanted to... so that's what we thought we could do.  Well we found one, got our credit ran... had to look at a little bit cheaper ones which wasn't any surprise. Then we thought that it was silly spending a lot of money for a single wide trailer, so we thought of looking else where to find our best options.  We found one we LOVED... I felt sooooo at home in it.  It was a double wide, cheaper by almost 20,000 and it was used (you couldn't tell it all all!), so we thought ohhh yes this one is it.  We were DENIED! It was really shocking and I got my hopes up... And this past weekend we looked at new ones and we were fine with the one we looked at, but there's no way we can pay the down payment. Soooo we thought lets see about that house for rent again. Yep... It's being rented. Haha! Luck is not on our side at all right now. :( But things happen for a reason, so hopefully we are just waiting for that perfect house to pop out! :)

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