Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiration for my new house...

I maybe a little obsessed with modcloth....
I love their STUFF!!
I want to be super rich so I can buy awesome things from there!!!

Anyway here's some ideas I had for my kitchen and a few other little tidbits....
can't decide whether to go with a woodland theme or a 50's/60's diner/cafe theme.  In our present housee we have a sort of cafe/bar theme and I like it but i just want something a little more funky this time around.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Instagramin' & Yummness

A few instagrams of where we ate today... Olive Garden...
It's been soooooo long.
Pretty sure I gained 20lbs just looking at my food.

Tirimisu.... my favorite!

Stuffed Mushrooms..... another favorite.... mmmmm.

And... my two favorite people in the world! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attempting to better dress myself....

Okay....  This girl needs some MEGA help.  I'm trying really hard to snap out of my boring style that I have fallen into.  I usually just opt for cute clothes at Maurice's, I actually really like most of what they have but I feel like I'm just settling for that store because I don't have the patience to try to really look for clothes that I really really want for myself and it's local.... ahhhh I know sooo sad.  Soooo anyway...  I want some new looks... I also want to slowly make my way into wearing dresses.  I see cute dresses on my friends all the time and I want the courage to put a dress on again.  I just feel like my figure looks BLEHHH in a dress.  It's like I have all the chunko parts in the worse places. :S  I've found some REALLY cute online stores that sell super super cute stuff and if it's cheap enough I may buy a couple.  I need to go find some stuff around here... I know there are some OTHER stores besides Maurice's near me so I just really need to go LOOK.  Uggg... I've never been very good at this.  Usually I go in, try something on, look at how horrible it looks on me and give up.  I'm going to try and break that habit.  I may even share my newww style with everyone too... if I can figure out how to set my self timer on my camera.  Anyway...  Here's a few things I've been drooling over.

Bahhhh I want lots of money... I'm finding soooo much amazing stuff right now!!
Anyway I really think these dresses are super cute!! I found a plethora of other things that I want but I am not going to flood my post with stuff right now.  I also came across some new house-items I soooo need to purchase when we move too! 

Okay back to the new look for me...  anyway I know the hubs has even said he wanted to see me in more skirts and dresses.. which kinda made me happy that he actually took an interest in what I was wearing... :)  I made him look at these and he seemed to approve.  Here are some other dresses I found on another new site I found that are adorable too!!

Anywhooo that's it for now.... hopefully I will get around to purchasing something in the next few weeks and coming up with a cute outfit... hmmmm maybe to wear on a date with the ol hubaroo. ;)

One Proud Mama.

Love my boy! He had his kindergarten screening today and I am sooooo proud of him.  He has grown and learned so much over a year, it's crazy! Last year for his preschool screening he didn't cooperate hardly at all, got a lot of things confused... and so on.  I was so impressed at how well he did.  They showed me his writing skills and I almost cried (I know super cheesey!!)... it was all perfect!  I've worked with him before with everything but actually seeing him write it on the assessment form was really exciting.  They said he did a great job!!! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mom and Jetterz day. :)

I love days like this with Jett.  He's such a sweet goofy boy and
I love being able to spend time with him.

We went out to eat...yum yum yum.
Sorry this picture is soooo blurry.  My little salad eater. 
This boy is soooo picky so I'm glad he at least likes lettuce
and cottage cheese! :)

We also went to the park and walked around the track, played on the bus, the playground, had a race, and finally were tired, or in Jett's word "I'm exhausted...shoooo!"...then came home.

Played with his magnet letters....  these picture are not in order at all... opps.

Then we decided to chill out and watch some Thomas movies...  it was a good day.

Teaching Preschool

I have to say, I love this job. I love the fact that I can be creative and the kiddos find the smallest things soooo interesting and they are learning something in the process.  I love it!!

Some of my centers that I've put together...

I love Popsicle sticks, we have worked on letters, shapes, and silly creatures..
I also have the colorful pipecleaners sticks that I use this for as well.

I just made this one up the other day.  I had tons of paper plates and I thought what can I do with this?? Believe me we have done it all! haha.  I had brown construction paper and a thing that punched out small circles so wahhhhla! Counting Cookies!  I'm waiting for someone to try and eat one... ha!

Then my recent one...  I bought a bag of magnet letters and numbers mainly for my 5 year old son because he loves this kind of stuff, but I brought it and a cookie sheet to school to have them work on letter recognition and name practice and they all loved it.

I love coming up with fun things like this for the kiddos...

I'm trying to brainstorm about our summer school for them and come up with some cute ideas for that as well.  :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Days of Lazy Awesomeness

Today was a really nice day.  I wish some weeks could be like this.  I finally had a day that I didn't have any homework and could actually spend it just hanging out with Jared and Jett.  It was sooooo nice.  We slept in, we watched a movie, went out to eat in town, came back played around the house and just had a really nice relaxing day.  I wish everyday could be like this.  :) 

Also....I found some other houses we are hopefully going to look at pretty soon.  They aren't very big but they seem promising! Hopefully we will get to check them on later on this week.  I know our house is out there somewhere....  I feel like I'm being super picky with this, but I know what I'm looking for.  I almost want an olderish house, yet not something that is falling apart.  If it need a little work, that's no biggie.  I know we are going to find something right for us. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ohhhh Snap.

I love photography.

I love taking pictures.

I love it even more when I can edit my crappy taken photos with an
uberly awesome photo editing site!!

Oh Yeah! PicMonkey is fantastic!

Lookeee what I can do!

Yes I know super corny pictures, but still some of my favorites of the hubs and I a few years ago, taken with a crapo camera.  :)

Anyway I thought what I created looked pretty funky! :)

I'm excited I have a little more time to get out and take some pictures and make more funky creations with them!!

Yep. This is a FAT girl. :(

I'm so sick of this.  So so so so so so SICK of this.  Today I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.  Today I went to meet my mom, sister, and nieces at a shoe place and when I got there everyone was looking around at shoes and I joined them.  They showed me a few that they really liked and then I began looking around at some myself.  My mom came around and started talking to me about the wedding that she went to of her biological sister's family and said how pretty it was and a few details.  Then.... she let me know....  I would fit right in.... because the rest of that side of the family was all "bigger" like me...  

Bigger... like me.

I tried to laugh it off, but my chest was getting tight and I tried so hard to hold back from loosing it and just crying like a baby.  A stupid baby.... that takes this all the time from her.  I just wanted to leave.  I wanted to get in my car and just leave, but I knew that would have been stupid as well. 

All I could think of was to get away from her.  I just wanted a moment alone to calm myself down and stop from getting upset..... I couldn't, she kept following me around, everywhere I went.  I was like... are you kidding me?!?! 

I finally was able to just try and brush it off, I tried so so hard to make the day enjoyable but BELIEVE ME .... those words stayed with me the entire day churning in the pit of my stomach.

I don't need a reminder that I'm Fat mom.  I know, I really do.  :( :( :(

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bright Eyes & Adorable Houses

I've been searching online for a while now, trying to find some really great deals on houses, because well.... our budget is pretty tight.  Also trying to find something decent, yet not a complete dump.  So far it's either wayyyyyy out of our price range.... or cheap and trashy.  Nothing in the middle.  Then there are these amazing, perfect houses..... that I find that I fall in love with... and they are too far away.  Far enough away from family, work, school... that it's makes no sense for us to think about moving that far.  Blah.   Anyway... I still wanted to show you these really awesome houses!! I love this one!!! .... There is more but I really love this one and it's CHEAP! Why can't you be in a town closer to where I want you to be??? Grrr.  Well anyway... Fingers crossed!! Tonight we go look at another one!! Hopefully we will get a WINNER!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just a dream...

There is a perfect spot on my parents land that just seems like home to me.  I feel at peace when I'm there and the trees are behind me, the green grass is between my feet, and the fresh air is blowing in my face.It smells so good, like freshly mowed lawn, dogwood trees, and cedar.  I love this place.  I love that you walk through the woods and discover something new every time.  I love that you can walk down the field just a little and you can sit on a creek bed made of sand and enjoy the peacefulness of everything.  Sigh....

This picture above is about the spot where we wanted to put a modular home in, but we have had several obstacles in our way so far.  I'm determined to move here.  I want Jett to enjoy the country and be able to run around outside, play in the woods, and the creek.  I want to have spontaneous picnics outside whenever we felt like it.  I want to be able to enjoy my weekend without having pesky neighbors and/or kids bothering us.  :)

I just want this soooooo much.  Plus I'd be living right next to my mom and dad, not to far from my Sister and her family, my grandma, and of course my BEST FRIEND... she and her husband live just up the road. 

I thought the main reason for wanting to move was really to get Jett into a smaller school district, but really I'm thinking more on the lines of selfish reasons really.  I love it here.  I want to raise my family here.  This is home.