Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Old, Fat, and Annoyed.

Today I was sitting around a table with four other girls, all of which are quite a bit younger than me, at least 6 or 7 years younger.  I've come to like these ladies quite a bit, they are all super nice.  Today though, I decided how old and fat I really felt being around them.  They are all tan, super skinny, beach blondish hair, and just gorgeous girls.  Believe me when I say it's a bit depressing some days.  If I didn't feel super fugly before, I definitely do now! hahaha!  Actually I do enjoy most...  most of the conversations I have with them.  Today though it was about having babies, gaining weight, losing weight, how much everyone weighed at the end of their pregnancies, boobs, boob jobs, stretch marks and so on and so forth.  I opted out of that conversation for the most part.  Sometimes I'm better off saying nothing.  It really sucks when someone says they got HUGE when they were 9 months and weighed 160lbs... and here I am, not prego and 185lbs.  Ugg. :(  There's always some sort of conversation about their bodies and really what can I add to that conversation???  Ummm yeah so I've been struggling with my weight for a good three years now, trying every diet under the sun.  I eat healthy food, but that's obviously not working for me.  It just sucks. I literally feel like the big elephant in the room.  Honestly, it's really childish but it makes me wonder a little what is said about me when I'm not there.  Fat girl jokes? Oh why doesn't she just work out a little, it's not that hard??? Why on earth was she wearing that, does she know how she looks?? .... ya I know, they probably don't say anything like that, but I can't help but think it in my head.  There was also at one point that I wanted to bang my head against the table.... really I did!  One girl said.... "I'd always have so much money when I waited tables and guys would come in, I'd get some really huge tips from them"  I was like... wow.  Really? Let's not brag anymore about how hot we are, I'm pretty sure everyone KNOWS!!  That one was driving me insane, she kept interrupting everyone with something SHE needed to say and it was always either bragging about herself or degrading something about someone.  I was like... please shoot me now!  Anyway  that about sums my lovely little day today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Favorite Boy in the WORLD!

A little bit about my milk and cookies-mustached buddy boy.
Jett Asher Day
age 5
Red Headed
Brown Eyed
Cutie Patootie!

Loves to Dance
 (this boy has some serious moves!!)

Loves to eat pop-tarts, pizza, lunchables, nutrigrain bars, chicken nuggets, spaghetti noodles (no sauce), and salads.

Loves Music
(Loves anything with a good beat)

Love Movies
( Loves Wizard of Oz and anything superhero related)

Loves Books
( Loves his Dr. Seuss Books)

Loves Kool-Aid

Loves to make up silly words and pretend he speaks another language

Loves to play outside

Loves to tackle and wrestle with Dad

Loves to cuddle with Mom

Love this guy!

Can't believe he's growing up so fast.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

A House of a Different Color.

So right now I'm trying to picture this color scheme (bottom picture) with the house we are buying (top picture).  This is what my husband said HE WANTED... only he kept saying black trim, but I couldn't find any pictures of just black trim.  I really do like the black shutters and red door though.  Our door is reddish right now, but it needs to be repainted.   I like it.  I think it will add a little character to our house.  It also needs some major landscaping around the front too. 

Anyway...  we got good news this evening ... so I'm a little less stressed than I was earlier.  I can breath!  This weekend is going to be fun... even though it's going to be work, at least we are making progress.

Giddy about the Strangest Things....

So lately to keep my mind off of the negative parts of all this house stuff...  I keep thinking about how I want my house to look.  There is one thing I HAVE TO HAVE... that I have always wanted.... some sort of booth or banquette for a kitche table and seating.  Always Always wanted one! My bestaroo has a really cute wooden banquette and it fits really good in her kitchen.  Here is a picture of the kitchen right now, be aware we have not started working on anything inside yet, so this WILL change.  I'm debating about painting the cabinets white, but not sure the color scheme yet.  I'm also determined to have black and white tile flooring too.  I've wanted that since I was young.  I tried to get my mom and dad to let me have black and white tile flooring when they built their new house when I was 13.  It didn't happen.  So now...  that is one of my have to dos!

The kitchen now... 

So I'm thinking there maybe enough room along that wall to easily put at least the bench part and possibly the wrap around part of a banquette. 

Uggg.  I can't wait to get working on this kitchen... It needs a transformation bad.  I wish I had LOTS of money to put into it.  We also have to get new appliances for it as well.  I keep picturing my black and white tile floors and white cabinets... I just don't know what color of walls I want yet.  Something that makes it pop!  Anyway... here's some of my banquette I would LOVE to have!!!!

I just put this one on here because it's almost the same
concept.  I love the bookcase turned bench.  I'd love to do this
in Jett's room.  It would be a GREAT way to store his endless amount of little toys!!

 I'm pretty sure this one ^ is my favorite.
I just really like the colors with it and it has the look I think
I'm aiming for... a little retroish..

I'm hoping to hear good news tonight.  It could go either way tonight, but I'm trying to keep positive about all of this instead of stressing even more.  I just wish we could officially say the house is ours now... but it won't be for a few weeks. :/  Blerg.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ohhhh blargity.

Breath. Breathing.  Sigh...... Uggg.  You know that whole saying when something goes wrong everything goes wrong. I feel a bit like that right now. I'm trying to be positive about it and not get myself worked up and have an anxiety attack. That is what normal or maybe it would be abnormal me would do in this situation.
1st off I'm exhausted. I have a painful sunburn on my back and shoulders from yard selling Saturday. I also have a disgusting irritating cold sore...ICK!.. I feel so tired and I just have no energy. I came home from work yesterday and took an hour nap, had this weird burst of energy like I knew there was a billion things I needed to do and so I got 4 baskets of laundry folded and put away. Had dinner, watch TV with my guys, fell asleep, then Jared woke me up to go to bed.  I even slept in a tiny little bit this morning.  What the heck is wrong with me? 

On top of that it seems like we are getting no where on our house, I know I need to invest in some major PATIENCE... but it seems like each task is taking wayyyyy longer than necessary.  I really think Jared and I needed to take off a couple of weeks to get everything done.  We are hopefully going to get further on it this weekend.  Hopefully. :/

Another thing... I just got a call from the college I go to and they were letting me know that my two classes I NEEDED are canceled this summer and that in order to keep my loan for my online class, I'd have to add an unnecessary class.  WHAT? And believe me.... I'm CANT fork over 900 dollars right now for a class.  I have yet to decided what to do.  I'm getting stressed again.  All of this happened right before I headed into work.... ukk.  Nothing like just being super tired, stressed, not to mention I'm pretty sure I'm having allergy problems... and then having to go into work.  Oh well. I'm off tomorrow... but my list is endless for tomorrow... and it probably will be for awhile... gah!

Anyway that is my rant for the day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Fresh Start to Summer!

I've decided I needed to do some things different starting today.  My family and I are going to be extremely busy the next month with moving and setting up our house.  I also want to soak up every moment with my little man before he goes to kindergarten this fall.  So I think I'm just going to get off of facebook for the summer and I will decide if I want to get back on it next fall or not.  I did it last August and it was a much needed break.  I'm making a must needed things to do list I need to do with my fellas this summer anyway! For me I'm making a list as well, like reading, swimming, organizing, road trips, picnics, and of course taking lots of pictures. 

I found some pictures Jett had taken with my phone camera when we were at the new house, one is of the living room, this will definitely HAVE to be painted... yuck.  haha.  Jared was also wanting to put linoleum down on the floor too.  On the right is a fireplace, it's pretty!  I'm not real thrilled about the ceiling, but that's one of those further down the road jobs.  Right now we are just wanting to get it decent to live it...haha. I will take more pictures later when we REALLY get started.  Next weekend we are painting the outside of it and putting some sheet rock up in the garage.  Hopefully we will all be done with everything and it will pass inspection and we can start on the fun parts like painting the walls and decorating.

I also found this picture of me... ekk! scary!  I just found it funny because Jett took it.  Jared and I were cleaning cracks in the concrete on the front porch so they could pour concrete in them.

I will try and update any pictures about out lovely new adventure on here.
(even if no one reads this...haha)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!

Ahhhh!!! I thought finally being out of school would make my life a billion times easier but honestly I have been a busy little bee since Sunday! In a few weeks we WiILL be MOVING!!!!!!! First we have to fix a few things the apprasier caught before everything goes though but we can easily get it done in a weekend. My husband is getting soooo excited about fixing everything up his own way and such... Yesterday he was pacing around our house and saying he almost just wants to take the rest of the week off and go work on it. Haha. Well he knows he can't just do that, so instead we are doing a handful of things at a time. I'm going through my entire house and having a yard sale this Saturday which was kind of an upbrupt decision on my part. I had sone extra time this week and decided i could get it done. I needed to get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff that I had plus make a little extra needed cash while doing it. Let me tell you, this is the third day of going through stuff, pricing things, neatly folding a ton of clothes and putting them in boxes, cleaning several things.... Wow this has worn me out!!! Holy Moly! I cleaned out my closet Sunday and basically kept like 4 shirts. The rest I thought were a bit kid-ish like stuff I wore in my early 20s and I just feel that I've grown up a little since then. I have notice my change in style over the years... It really hasn't been that long ago I used to just wear t-shirts and jeans... That was almost the only thing I ever wore. Now it seems like I have at least upgraded a little to nice shirts, especially the layered look. However, I feel like I've worn that look out a little too. Hopefully I sell most of my clothes and other stuff so I can go shopping... But I think I'm okay on clothes right now... I'm looking for more new house stuff!!! I'm very very excited about!!!

Jared and I are also trying to make the house we live in right now a bit nicer too, just so we don't leave it looking crappy. That is just not us. We are repainting a few walls and fixing odds and ends here and there. Honestly some of these things needed to be done a long time ago but we kind of got in a rut. He starting painting the bathroom last night and I forgot how much I love the smell of paint. I love painting!! I seriously cannot wait to get in our new house and paint and decorate!!!!! Ohhh the possibilities!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Me with my new glasses!! I know I look like a huge DORKO!! Oh well, I can see so I guess that's really what matters right??? WRONG! I shouldn't be allowed out in public wearing these ginormous spectacles!!! AHHHHH!!!  hehe...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So this is just a small-me-complaining-about-being-big-again rant.  Yesterday, I decided to try on a dress.  Just a small sun dress and a little sweater thing to go over it.  Ugg.  I'm soooooooo big!  I just have the weirdest shape ever right now.  YUCK.  I looked at the dress by itself and I thought okay as long as I have something to go over my mid-section it would look fine.  So I tried this short sleeve sweater thing and I kept contemplating over it.  I thought maybe with a belt this would turn out to be a cute outfit.  So I ask my husband to come and look at it and honestly the guy has style (it sometimes worries me...haha) so I really do trust his judgments, especially because I feel like my style is just out the window most of the time.  Anyway, I asked what he thought and he said the sweater didn't look right with it.  Well I was definitely NOT going to get it without it and I just got all bummed.  I should have tried on more dresses and little things to go over them but my motivation went down the toilet after that.  I just got depressed about being a big girl.  I need to loose another 10lbs before trying anything else on.  If I could at least flatten my tummy area I think I would feel a little more comfortable...but right now not so much.  So I have about 2 weeks until my nieces 8th grade graduation... gotta get moving if I wanna lose it.  I can do this.  I have been walking a lot on my treadmill and keeping tabs on my calorie count.  I won't weigh myself until this coming Tuesday to see if I lost anything.  Hopefully at least a couple.  :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Crafty Creations for my future Classroom!

These are my lovely little centers I created for my methods course for
teaching elementary language arts.  I seriously LOVEDDD this class!
I honestly wish this teacher could have taught all of my methods courses, I learned so much
from her!! :)

This one is called Rotten Apples.
I thought this would be lots of fun for kids.
The way this one works is two students can take turns picking an apple
from the tree.  The apple will have a sight word on it, if they read it they get to keep it.
There are also worms found in some of these apples, if they find these rotten apples they have to put back all of their apples.  There are also go again cards as well.  There are also several other things I thought would work really good for this center as well and it's pretty easy to gear up or down this center depending on what grade level.

Give a Pig a Pancake!
I love the books like this!
Anyway... this is almost the same concept as the rotten apples game.
They choose a pancake word with the spatula, read it and give it to the hungry pig!
I thought it was funny!


I love my journal jar!!!
I may actually have to make myself one as well.
This has pre-made question prompts for journaling for kids.
Ex: What kind of job would you like when you grow up and why?
Just basic questions like that...

Chalkboard Vocab
This one's really simple, but still lots of fun.
They can practice their handwriting, spelling words, vocab... just about anything.
... I love these... I think I may go buy a whole bunch of them, they were super cheap!

This one is called Insect Adjectives.
They pull out a play insect out of the box of bugs, write eight adjectives
describing their insect, then color a picture of the insect.
(I know, I know... I have the artistic skill of a 5 year old... bhaha!)

This one I got pretty exciting about too!
Pack the Suitcase
Each BIG suitcase (that is what that box is pretending to be)
holds the students suitcases, which are the funky colored file folders.
I love my file folders.
The students read aloud the provided book, each student gets a handful
of brightly colored awesome note cards and writes down important facts/event about the book.
Then the students "pack their suitcases" with their note cards.
Then they are suppose to pretend they can't shut their suitcase so they
have to lighten their load and pick out only one... the most important event in each
suitcase.  This could be done several different ways, but I thought the whole concept was
pretty cute.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some Positive Mojo Please!!

I'm not going to jinx this by saying... anything.  So instead I'm just going to do this....   
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Just trying to not get my hopes up but... I would like to ask anyone that reads this.... please send some good vibes, maybe a few prayers, and some positive MOJO!  ...... eventually I will tell you.  BUT...
until then.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :) :)


Well I think I made a really good decision today. It's really dumb. My tredmill has been in my spare room with a plethora of junk. It is not going to be fun going through that room when we start to move. Anyway... Today I moved the tredmill to the living room. That was not an easy task. Jett kept asking me "ummmm Mom .... Are you okay!?!?" I did all this because well... I need to get off my butt and exercise!! I thought seeing it everyday right in front of me would provide a little more motivation to walk on it. It makes me a sad because at one point I was walking 3 miles almost every other day. Uhhh yeah now I couldnt tell you the last time I got on it. Just so everyone knows... I am multi-talented though... Believe it or not I'm typing this post on my phone while I am walking. Ooooo ahhhhh! Haha! Now if I end up publishing this post and you don't hear from me for a while, you should assume that I'm not as talented as I thought I was and I hurt myself trying to do two things at once. :)

Hopefully things (pounds) will start coming off soon. I would really like to look nice for my nieces 8th grade graduation.

Stats: 187... Gahhh!
We will see if this pays off!
I will weigh myself next Tuesday too.
Wish me luck!