Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!

Ahhhh!!! I thought finally being out of school would make my life a billion times easier but honestly I have been a busy little bee since Sunday! In a few weeks we WiILL be MOVING!!!!!!! First we have to fix a few things the apprasier caught before everything goes though but we can easily get it done in a weekend. My husband is getting soooo excited about fixing everything up his own way and such... Yesterday he was pacing around our house and saying he almost just wants to take the rest of the week off and go work on it. Haha. Well he knows he can't just do that, so instead we are doing a handful of things at a time. I'm going through my entire house and having a yard sale this Saturday which was kind of an upbrupt decision on my part. I had sone extra time this week and decided i could get it done. I needed to get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff that I had plus make a little extra needed cash while doing it. Let me tell you, this is the third day of going through stuff, pricing things, neatly folding a ton of clothes and putting them in boxes, cleaning several things.... Wow this has worn me out!!! Holy Moly! I cleaned out my closet Sunday and basically kept like 4 shirts. The rest I thought were a bit kid-ish like stuff I wore in my early 20s and I just feel that I've grown up a little since then. I have notice my change in style over the years... It really hasn't been that long ago I used to just wear t-shirts and jeans... That was almost the only thing I ever wore. Now it seems like I have at least upgraded a little to nice shirts, especially the layered look. However, I feel like I've worn that look out a little too. Hopefully I sell most of my clothes and other stuff so I can go shopping... But I think I'm okay on clothes right now... I'm looking for more new house stuff!!! I'm very very excited about!!!

Jared and I are also trying to make the house we live in right now a bit nicer too, just so we don't leave it looking crappy. That is just not us. We are repainting a few walls and fixing odds and ends here and there. Honestly some of these things needed to be done a long time ago but we kind of got in a rut. He starting painting the bathroom last night and I forgot how much I love the smell of paint. I love painting!! I seriously cannot wait to get in our new house and paint and decorate!!!!! Ohhh the possibilities!!!!

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