Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative Crafty Creations for my future Classroom!

These are my lovely little centers I created for my methods course for
teaching elementary language arts.  I seriously LOVEDDD this class!
I honestly wish this teacher could have taught all of my methods courses, I learned so much
from her!! :)

This one is called Rotten Apples.
I thought this would be lots of fun for kids.
The way this one works is two students can take turns picking an apple
from the tree.  The apple will have a sight word on it, if they read it they get to keep it.
There are also worms found in some of these apples, if they find these rotten apples they have to put back all of their apples.  There are also go again cards as well.  There are also several other things I thought would work really good for this center as well and it's pretty easy to gear up or down this center depending on what grade level.

Give a Pig a Pancake!
I love the books like this!
Anyway... this is almost the same concept as the rotten apples game.
They choose a pancake word with the spatula, read it and give it to the hungry pig!
I thought it was funny!


I love my journal jar!!!
I may actually have to make myself one as well.
This has pre-made question prompts for journaling for kids.
Ex: What kind of job would you like when you grow up and why?
Just basic questions like that...

Chalkboard Vocab
This one's really simple, but still lots of fun.
They can practice their handwriting, spelling words, vocab... just about anything.
... I love these... I think I may go buy a whole bunch of them, they were super cheap!

This one is called Insect Adjectives.
They pull out a play insect out of the box of bugs, write eight adjectives
describing their insect, then color a picture of the insect.
(I know, I know... I have the artistic skill of a 5 year old... bhaha!)

This one I got pretty exciting about too!
Pack the Suitcase
Each BIG suitcase (that is what that box is pretending to be)
holds the students suitcases, which are the funky colored file folders.
I love my file folders.
The students read aloud the provided book, each student gets a handful
of brightly colored awesome note cards and writes down important facts/event about the book.
Then the students "pack their suitcases" with their note cards.
Then they are suppose to pretend they can't shut their suitcase so they
have to lighten their load and pick out only one... the most important event in each
suitcase.  This could be done several different ways, but I thought the whole concept was
pretty cute.

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  1. Love all of these ideas!! You'll have a great time teaching!!