Thursday, May 24, 2012

Giddy about the Strangest Things....

So lately to keep my mind off of the negative parts of all this house stuff...  I keep thinking about how I want my house to look.  There is one thing I HAVE TO HAVE... that I have always wanted.... some sort of booth or banquette for a kitche table and seating.  Always Always wanted one! My bestaroo has a really cute wooden banquette and it fits really good in her kitchen.  Here is a picture of the kitchen right now, be aware we have not started working on anything inside yet, so this WILL change.  I'm debating about painting the cabinets white, but not sure the color scheme yet.  I'm also determined to have black and white tile flooring too.  I've wanted that since I was young.  I tried to get my mom and dad to let me have black and white tile flooring when they built their new house when I was 13.  It didn't happen.  So now...  that is one of my have to dos!

The kitchen now... 

So I'm thinking there maybe enough room along that wall to easily put at least the bench part and possibly the wrap around part of a banquette. 

Uggg.  I can't wait to get working on this kitchen... It needs a transformation bad.  I wish I had LOTS of money to put into it.  We also have to get new appliances for it as well.  I keep picturing my black and white tile floors and white cabinets... I just don't know what color of walls I want yet.  Something that makes it pop!  Anyway... here's some of my banquette I would LOVE to have!!!!

I just put this one on here because it's almost the same
concept.  I love the bookcase turned bench.  I'd love to do this
in Jett's room.  It would be a GREAT way to store his endless amount of little toys!!

 I'm pretty sure this one ^ is my favorite.
I just really like the colors with it and it has the look I think
I'm aiming for... a little retroish..

I'm hoping to hear good news tonight.  It could go either way tonight, but I'm trying to keep positive about all of this instead of stressing even more.  I just wish we could officially say the house is ours now... but it won't be for a few weeks. :/  Blerg.

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