Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Fresh Start to Summer!

I've decided I needed to do some things different starting today.  My family and I are going to be extremely busy the next month with moving and setting up our house.  I also want to soak up every moment with my little man before he goes to kindergarten this fall.  So I think I'm just going to get off of facebook for the summer and I will decide if I want to get back on it next fall or not.  I did it last August and it was a much needed break.  I'm making a must needed things to do list I need to do with my fellas this summer anyway! For me I'm making a list as well, like reading, swimming, organizing, road trips, picnics, and of course taking lots of pictures. 

I found some pictures Jett had taken with my phone camera when we were at the new house, one is of the living room, this will definitely HAVE to be painted... yuck.  haha.  Jared was also wanting to put linoleum down on the floor too.  On the right is a fireplace, it's pretty!  I'm not real thrilled about the ceiling, but that's one of those further down the road jobs.  Right now we are just wanting to get it decent to live it...haha. I will take more pictures later when we REALLY get started.  Next weekend we are painting the outside of it and putting some sheet rock up in the garage.  Hopefully we will all be done with everything and it will pass inspection and we can start on the fun parts like painting the walls and decorating.

I also found this picture of me... ekk! scary!  I just found it funny because Jett took it.  Jared and I were cleaning cracks in the concrete on the front porch so they could pour concrete in them.

I will try and update any pictures about out lovely new adventure on here.
(even if no one reads this...haha)

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