Friday, April 20, 2012

Bright Eyes & Adorable Houses

I've been searching online for a while now, trying to find some really great deals on houses, because well.... our budget is pretty tight.  Also trying to find something decent, yet not a complete dump.  So far it's either wayyyyyy out of our price range.... or cheap and trashy.  Nothing in the middle.  Then there are these amazing, perfect houses..... that I find that I fall in love with... and they are too far away.  Far enough away from family, work, school... that it's makes no sense for us to think about moving that far.  Blah.   Anyway... I still wanted to show you these really awesome houses!! I love this one!!! .... There is more but I really love this one and it's CHEAP! Why can't you be in a town closer to where I want you to be??? Grrr.  Well anyway... Fingers crossed!! Tonight we go look at another one!! Hopefully we will get a WINNER!

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