Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attempting to better dress myself....

Okay....  This girl needs some MEGA help.  I'm trying really hard to snap out of my boring style that I have fallen into.  I usually just opt for cute clothes at Maurice's, I actually really like most of what they have but I feel like I'm just settling for that store because I don't have the patience to try to really look for clothes that I really really want for myself and it's local.... ahhhh I know sooo sad.  Soooo anyway...  I want some new looks... I also want to slowly make my way into wearing dresses.  I see cute dresses on my friends all the time and I want the courage to put a dress on again.  I just feel like my figure looks BLEHHH in a dress.  It's like I have all the chunko parts in the worse places. :S  I've found some REALLY cute online stores that sell super super cute stuff and if it's cheap enough I may buy a couple.  I need to go find some stuff around here... I know there are some OTHER stores besides Maurice's near me so I just really need to go LOOK.  Uggg... I've never been very good at this.  Usually I go in, try something on, look at how horrible it looks on me and give up.  I'm going to try and break that habit.  I may even share my newww style with everyone too... if I can figure out how to set my self timer on my camera.  Anyway...  Here's a few things I've been drooling over.

Bahhhh I want lots of money... I'm finding soooo much amazing stuff right now!!
Anyway I really think these dresses are super cute!! I found a plethora of other things that I want but I am not going to flood my post with stuff right now.  I also came across some new house-items I soooo need to purchase when we move too! 

Okay back to the new look for me...  anyway I know the hubs has even said he wanted to see me in more skirts and dresses.. which kinda made me happy that he actually took an interest in what I was wearing... :)  I made him look at these and he seemed to approve.  Here are some other dresses I found on another new site I found that are adorable too!!

Anywhooo that's it for now.... hopefully I will get around to purchasing something in the next few weeks and coming up with a cute outfit... hmmmm maybe to wear on a date with the ol hubaroo. ;)

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