Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Mom and Jetterz day. :)

I love days like this with Jett.  He's such a sweet goofy boy and
I love being able to spend time with him.

We went out to eat...yum yum yum.
Sorry this picture is soooo blurry.  My little salad eater. 
This boy is soooo picky so I'm glad he at least likes lettuce
and cottage cheese! :)

We also went to the park and walked around the track, played on the bus, the playground, had a race, and finally were tired, or in Jett's word "I'm exhausted...shoooo!"...then came home.

Played with his magnet letters....  these picture are not in order at all... opps.

Then we decided to chill out and watch some Thomas movies...  it was a good day.

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