Friday, August 3, 2012

Awkward should be my first name... uggg.

I don't know what it is that triggers it, but something in me just escapes and I feel like a complete idiot, whe I look back at the situation.  I think I try so hard to act like myself, that I just beome this annoying talkative weirdo.  Ugggg. 

Awkward Girl Strikes Again with Mumbo Jumbo Conversation!

I was sitting with my husband and son eating dinner, when in walks my hopefully future boss lady!  She was also my teacher in a couple of my classes in college, and I will hopefully be student teaching at my home town school district, where she happens to also be the new principal.  That was a bit of a mouthful.   Anyway, I was very friendly throughout our little conversation, but there were times when I was saying all sorts of random things and I could hear how ridiculous I sounded.  I probably sounded more like an excited little kid then a future teacher.  ....Sigh.  I wish they had anti-awkward pills, or some sort of socially-challenged class I could take, because after tonight I just feel really stupid.  BLERGGG. 

Awkwardly Boring.

This is one of my pet peeves with people, I know I do it too sometimes when I'm not thinking straight, but I get it all the time and I'm like... am I really that uninteresting of a person??  You know when someone asks you something and then you start telling them the about this something and then they get distracted by something else that someone else said and so they don't pay attention, and then you realize that they obviously aren't, so you stop talking.  Then maybe if your lucky, they will say something like, "Ohhh sorry, go ahead!" .....and then you just feel like your story is dull and long and is never getting to a point, so you say something like it's no big deal, "Oh that's okay I'll tell you later about it."

I just want to be unawkward for a change, is that so much to ask?  I've tried the whole, embrace your awkwardness phase, and yeah I'm just too awkward to be one of the COOL awkward people... hahaha...

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