Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things that make you go... hmmmm...?!?!


The list of things that URK me is honestly quite large, but I've really tried to behave myself and let a LOT of little things slide by me without causing some sort of dramatic showdown.  Lately though... I'm just about to lose it with people.  I think it's partly because I'm exhausted from working almost everyday on the new house.  Today we decided to take a day off and just bum out.  I feel super slouchy and sleepy and groggy.  I've slept probably a little too much today.  Anyway, back to my lurvely list.  I think I'm just going to start numbering them.

1.  My mom.

Oh my word.  Gripe-fest. She told me this week that she thought the house we bought looked like a "dump" before we started working on it.  Then we painted our garage door deep red and she said she "doesn't care for it, it makes the house look shorter."  I'm pretty sure if we bought a PERFECT house that she would gripe about something.  We've worked so hard on this house, and there is nothing we can do about the inside of it yet until closing.  The house hasn't been lived in a long time and it's a old house, so yeah there is a musty old house smell.  My mom told my sister in law yesterday while I went into another room that "This house smells so bad!"  My patience with her is about to break.  I've always tried to do the whole.."If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all", but sometimes I really think she needs to HEAR what I have to say.  Sigh....... I think when we finally get settled in, Jared, Jett, and I will be major hermits from family for a while.

2. My other relative (she who shall not be named) <--- for a little dramatic effect.

She's about 15 years older than me I believe.  She's burned every bridge that people have built for her.  She's had every excuse in the book.  She's so very very dramatic.  She doesn't talk to you unless there is something major going on, or if there is something dramatic happening in some other relatives lives she wants to know whats going on.  She has to be the center of attention or she gets just crazy.  She's in her 40's but usually acts like she's 16.  She has borrowed a ton... of money from her friends and family and hasn't even tried to pay it back.  She thinks that when she's in town, everyone should stop what they have planned and plan something with her (this drives me insane).  She's caused a lot of unwanted chaos, stirs up drama, and just really makes everyone mad.  ......this is only half of it.  What really URKS me is...  she claims she's a christian woman.  She's very vocal about being christian.  The only thing is she does this all on facebook.  Instead of apologizing for something... or trying to finding out what she can do to better herself she claims everyone else is in the wrong because they aren't doing what is right by God and forgiving her.  She wrote a passage from the bible the other day about forgiveness and it's so crazy to me because how do we forgive her for the things she's done when she hasn't even tried to make amends with anyone, even herself.  At one time I thought she really had her stuff together and was really TRYING, but the last few episodes of hers have really thrown that out the window.  It sucks even more because I reached out to her when things in her life were really going down hill, I went out of my way to be there for her and it really didn't seem to phase her much.  Now that I've had my eyes opened to what all is going on with her and what she has done, just disgusts me honestly and it's sad that she has to put the words of GOD on facebook to try and make us feel guilty.  I really wish she could just look at herself in the mirror and see how much she's just torturing herself and her family.  I think most of us have went to just ignoring her, because once you give her any attention at all, she just walks all over you.  I hate it, because I use to love being around her and hearing her stories and hearing her giggle.  Now I just don't know what to think. :(

3. What the heckaroo is up with my body?!?!

This has nothing to do with anyone but myself.  Here I've worked almost a constant week on our house, REAL LABOR PEOPLE!!! hahaa! I thought maybe this will help me shed some pounds!!! Nope. Gaining it back again.  Ugggg.  Not to mention my face is so broke out horribly now from all the chemicals outside.  It's all just disgusting believe me.  I haven't worried about wearing make-up while working on the house because I usually just end up getting paint splattered on my face or it just sweats off.  I'm so stinking chubby, but I've come to the conclusion that pretty much any kind of stress whether it be exciting stress or just plain bad stress really messes with my eating behaviors.  Even though I thought I was eating normally, I know for a fact I was drinking a lot of soda because I felt drained of energy.  We did eat more fast food this week because of going back and forth to the new house (stupid decision).  So this week I really need to get my act together, since I'm not going up there as much.

4.  We have to wait another week before we close on the house.... BOO! :(

Yeah... this URKS me, but I know that it also might be good for Jared and I because we do need time to get all of our stuff purged, sorted, and packed at our present home.  Plus having another week may give us more time to plan on some of the ideas for the inside of the new house as well.

Sorry for the super long post... but I needed to get some of the BLEHHH stuff off my chest, that way you don't have to read a whole weeks worth of it. :)  I will try with some more happier posts later on. 

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