Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shut the Front Door! Holy Guacamole....

I almost read an entire book in a day! (...ummm yeah because my assignment was due tonight..)

It was so freaking depressing though.  Gah.  It was Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpi Lahiri (hopefully I spelled it right) Some of the stories were really entertaining, they were just sad and depressing.  Although I read it a lot easier than the Mark Twain books.  I may not have much of a summer I'm afraid.  I think between reading all of these books, doing all of the writing for the classes about these books, getting things accomplished at the new house, and getting things squared away for the start of school (my baby is going to kindergarten... holy crap!), I am not going to have any time at all, so bare with me if I don't post something for like a week, or two weeks or so. :)

I'm attempting to dive into my next story of Mark Twains'.... Ugg.  It's pretty long too. I hate to procrastinate on it, because I want my weekend free, but blerg!!  I'm actually excited about some of my other books I get to read for my women's writers class though, they seem really interesting.

I think we should already get a redo of June, it's going by so fast already!  I have so much to do, so little time!!!

Sorry super boring post!

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