Friday, July 27, 2012

Strange Happenings.

Some random mumbo jumbo.

I'm reading an amazing book. Traveling Mercies. I Love the author's candidness and humor.  Soooo good!! I'm going to have to find more of her books!

Why is it when I'm not doing anything to lose weight and I'm pretty sure the last two weeks have been nothing but laziness and junky food, apparently I lose weight?  I've had a handful of people ask me or rather tell me it looked like I was losing weight. ahhhh. Makes me feel so much better.  I guess the not so stressed out self is better for me.

I've finally caught up on the new episodes of True Blood, and I missed it so much! It's sooooo good! I wish it was on all the time or at least I wish I had HBO.

Yep that's about it, partly because I'm so tired I'm falling asleep writing this.

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