Sunday, July 22, 2012

I didn't forget you ol' bloggity bloo!

I've finally found a little down time, so I knew I needed to give my blog a little attention.
.. Some new things.  A little more settled into our house, yet still a billion things that need to get done, but they are slowly getting done.

 Last week I was completely stressed out, my grandma fell, broke her hip and my entire family was up at the hospital and I couldn't be because I had a pile of online homework that HAD to be done by midnight.  Not to mention some crazy work drama that had come to my attention as well.  BLEH!  I was so flustered this time last week, but so so sooooo much better today.  I got my homework completed earlier and my family and I have had a really nice relaxing day together.

Yesterday Jared and his dad worked on the kitchen floors, they weren't in the best shape ever and I'm pretty sure someone could have fell through them if they jumped on it hard enough.  I'm getting very excited for my awesome black and white tiles to be laid down!!!! EEKKK!  My dream kitchen is finally beginning to come together (even if it's not a big kitchen).

Oh yeah, and Jared and I have enjoyed sitting our back deck while Jett played in the big back yard.  It has been so nice to just sit outside and not be bothered by people watching you, or the neighbor kids coming over and then you being the one to watch them while their grandparents or parents go do something apparently much more important.  I'm SOOOOOO GLAD we have MOVED!  I will be even happier when we get a privacy fence put up on one side of our house just for the extra privacy.  So so HAPPY! Now for some random pictures!

 My two handsome boys chilling out in our new backyard.

A goofy boy in his new hideout, a dishwasher box!

One of my pinterest projects! 
Book rack for Jett.  I also have a yellow one for myself as well. 

 We thought about getting a used white one and spray painting it red, but we couldn't find any white ones that were really in that great of shape and then we couldn't find any SAFE OVEN spray paint, so we just decided to get black appliances.

 Love my kitchen and all my stuff I have for it goes sooooo well together!!

my purple bedroom!

Jett's new car bed from Grandma and papa!

I love the new color of our shed, and no it's not this color of blue... it's almost the same color as my kitchen, more like a teal.  It was very weird that every time I took a picture of the shed the color wouldn't come out like it really was.  Anyway it looks awesome!

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